Custom software
for your core business
Custom Applications
for your core business

Technological Experience in Software Development

What Sets Us Apart

We specialize in taking advantage of new technologies to improve your company’s processes related to core business.

We’re Concentrated on your Core Business

Software development services for processes related to your core business— that’s to say, those processes that make your company one-of-a-kind.

Internationally Experienced

A custom software company, with over 10 years of client experience in Costa Rica and the United States.

Quality Software Guarantee

Thanks to best practices in software development we can guarantee the quality of software our team produces. For that reason, Flowork Engineers employs a year’s troubleshooting guarantee at no cost to the client, giving you the assurance that you’re dealing with a stable product.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team is multidisciplinary, made up not only of technology professionals but also professionals in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration. This allows us to deliver a complete product, supported in a better understanding of the company, it’s collaborators and the surrounding environment.

Custom Applications for Any Type of Business

Software for improved business processes

Intelligent systems for decision making, forms, process monitoring and control, dashboards and high-volume data reports.

Customized invoicing applications

Custom made electronic invoicing applications for companies in Costa Rica. E-commerce applications for online sales of services and products by credit card and/or PayPal.

Mobile applications and responsive websites

Native applications for mobile devices and web applications adaptable to iPad and cell phone screen sizes.

Varied technologies in applications

Applications utilizing technologies including: video calling, facial recognition and augmented reality.

We have the experience of working for clients in the United States and Costa Rica, since 2003.